Mathematics at Eton Porny

At Eton Porny our aim is to create a learning environment that inspires a fascination for number. A child who enjoys maths from the start of their formal education is wiling to explore and investigate. Those investigations are the foundations for a secure understanding of mathematics.  We aim to make maths fun whilst ensuring that the children have an increasingly secure fluency with their number facts and a solid understanding of how the number system works. We hope to open their minds to the possibilities found in open-ended investigations and to be able to solve real life problems with their number knowledge.

They will develop resilience, an open mind and the ability to be systematic…all great thinking qualities that are vital to our success in life!

See the bottom of this page for our Parent Guides & detailed Key Stage Expectations

Helping your child with Maths

The chances are that, if you’ve ever been asked the question ‘Can you help me with my maths homework?’ and immediately been filled with dread, you are not alone.

Whilst maths may now be taught differently in school when compared to how it was done when many adults were themselves in school, the number system itself has, of course, not changed and many of the strategies and techniques that we developed during our own childhood remain very valuable. However, the lessons that we teach in school today are much more about collaboration, investigation and understanding the processes involved, just as much as an ability to apply them. Ultimately, the strategies that our children develop will be similar to those that we ourselves developed, but our hope is that they fully understand the maths involved so that they know when to reach for the calculator (the answer to this in adult life is, in fact, nearly always – if it’s there, use it!), and which pencil-and-paper method might be best to complete on the back of an envelope or scrap of paper if that is all that’s available.

We have provided a progression document for each of the six areas of maths where you can see the end of Key Stage expectations for mathematical knowledge and understanding.  There is also a companion Parents Guide for each area of calculation (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)

Key Stage Expectations                                                               Parents Guides

Knowing & Using Numbers Progression                                      Strategies for Addition

Addition & Subtraction Progression                                             Strategies for Division

Multiplication & Division Progression                                          Strategies for Multiplication

Fractions Progression                                                                    Strategies for Subtraction

Position, Direction, Movement & Measures Progression

Statistics & Algebra Progression