Wearing a uniform is an important part of our school ethos. Wearing a uniform gives the children a sense of identity as part of our school community, teaches the children to take pride in their appearance and creates a mentality of being 'ready to work'. We are extremely proud of our school uniform and Eton Porny children are proud to wear it.  All Items of School Uniform are compulsory, apart from the V-neck grey jumper which is optional as the blazer is worn all day. 

All items of uniform marked below with a * can only be ordered direct from our uniform supplier School Days Direct ´╗┐https://www.schooldaysdirect.co.uk/product-category/school-uniform/eton-porny-c-of-e-first-school/  

Ties and bags must be ordered from school via School Money, our online booking and payments system.  We are also happy to be able to offer a selection of pre-loved uniform which is also available on School Money.

All other items of school uniform, whilst also available from School Days Direct, can also be purchased from other suppliers/supermarkets.

Our uniform is worn all year round, with the additional option of a gingham summer dress from Easter Break to October Half Term.   Children wear PE kit to school on the days they have PE.  Your class teacher will let you know before the start of each half term which days these are.

Please ensure all items of uniform are named, including socks and shoes.  Stikins are non-iron name labels that can be used on all items of uniform and equipment, they can be purchased here, please use our school code 6946 to earn the school commission on these purchases.

Un-named items will be donated to second-hand as it is impossible to return these to individual children.

For health and safety reasons, jewellery is not permitted in school.  Small stud earrings are allowed but must be removed/covered for PE.

All hair shoulder length or longer must be tied back at all times. Hair accessories should be discreet and blue, black or white in colour. 


Navy sweatshirt with logo *

Plain white polo shirt

Grey Trousers or shorts / Grey zip Front Pinafore or Grey Skirt

White/Navy Blue gingham school dress (option from Easter Break to October Half Term only)


School blazer with logo *

School tie 

Plain white full button shirt

V-neck mid-grey jumper - logoed * or plain (NO cardigans). The jumper is an optional item if you feel your child needs an additional layer of warmth underneath their blazer.  The school blazer is compulsory and worn all day during school. 

Grey Trousers or shorts  / Grey zip Front Pinafore or Grey Skirt

White/Navy Blue gingham school dress (option from after Easter Holiday until October Half Term)


Navy sweatshirt with logo *

White polo shirt

Plain navy shorts or plain navy tracksuit bottoms (no logos)


School Backpack 

Water bottle

Socks or tights must be white or grey

Black School Shoes (no trainers, no boots)

Hair accessories should be discreet and in blue, black, grey or white.